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9:00 a.m.


20282 State Highway K
Gallatin, Missouri  64640
From Gallatin, take Hwy 6 east approximately 3 miles to Hwy K,
turn left on K, travel north approximately 2 miles to auction site.

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Due to my health, I will sell the following at Absolute Auction...


Antiques & Collectibles

Hide scales; 1912 mink trap; 1890 brass bird trap; Several large bear traps, pat. 1904-1909; Wooden barrel washing machine; 2 Grain cradles; Wooden 3-tine fork; Wooden neck yoke for carrying water (slave era); Wooden rake w/peg teeth; 2 Single oxen yokes; Rival clamp-on wringer; Wagon spoke shave; Draw knife; Barrel bun cutter; Pin auger; Cast bells (repo); Millville fruit jar; Western stoneware buttermilk feeder; Oil lamp; Several hand saws; Allvine Dairy Co. 4-qt. tin cream can; Galv. crew jug; Ice tongs; Pig snouter; Crate tool; Bottle capper; Western 2-gal. crock; Shoulder drills; Clamp-on corn sheller; Tin mailbox; Midget garden planters; Wooden barrel spigots2-wheel wood & metal produce cart; Train Hot Water Heater #25; Slatted tile spade; Dietz Lantern Acme inspector lamp; 2 Anniversary clocks; Brass front spring scales w/tray; Several copper skillets; Leather horse fly nets; Double oxen yoke; Home Comfort wood cook stove w/warming oven (very nice); Branding Iron Bar C; Brass powder flask dispenser; 30# & 20# horse tie down weights;

John Wayne picture; Leather saddle bag, rope & saddle blanket; Poncho Diva statue; 5-gal. Blue Ribbon crock jug; 5-gal. crock jug; 4-gal. crock jug; 10-gal. Blue Ribbon baled crock; Redman Tobacco adv. poster (very old); Win. Western round metal sign; Metal artwork; Cow skull w/Indian drawing, signed Buckingham; Cast iron Budweiser hitch team & wagon w/driver; Pewter statue "To The Last Man" by Shepard Pain; Gun lighters; Miniature Steam Roller; Wooden egg crate, slatted; Iron head mallet; Antique leather tool, 1893; Barbed wire collection in hinged box frame; Check wire collection, hinged box frame; Cast iron hearth kettle; Metal ballot box; Wooden sugar scoop; Resen & Jones counter top beam scales; Game Flame charcoal heater; Cast iron covered wagon doorstop; Desk top crank telephone; Metal & wooden stirrups; Empire steam engine; Cast iron 'mail box' bank; Cast iron horse & wagon; Cast iron sand and gravel wagon, team & driver; Cast iron fire wagon w/driver & rider;

Uncle Sam bank; Dexter hook knife; Steel tape, very unusual; John Wayne statue; Double pistol holster & belt' Lady's tin bath tub, "Rosie's 10 cents Hot Baths"; 2 Wooden Dupont dynamite boxes; Carbide light w/brass reflector; 3 Cast iron tea kettles; 4 Sad irons: Simmons 2-pc. arch handle, Enterprise trivet, WH Howell trivet & 1 gas Strause iron; Enamel tea kettle; Pewter teapot; Several leather horses; Brahama bull; Strong box w/key; Civil War map; Several spurs; Calf weaners; Meat cutter glove; Win. shotgun shell sign; Sev. cow & horse weather vanes; Wooden beam 8" walking plow; Pedal grindstone; Wooden "Welcome" sign; 4 Small iron wheels; Pitcher well pump; D.O. Paxton Civil War headstone; Cistern chain pump, S&P, St. Louis, Missouri, Display case & shelving; 1-man saw; Military helmet; Knife display case w/slanted top(2) 24 Commercial gun racks, wooden

Ertl JD Tractors & Trucks

2 JD 4-wheel drive tractors; JD self-propelled combine; JD center fold disk; Several die cast pickup trucks & cars

Rifles & Shotguns

1. Marlin Model 97 lever action .22-cal., hex barrel 2. Wards Westernfield Model 47, bolt action, .22-cal., w/Hards scope
3. Bannerman 1896 pump 12-ga., 32" barrel (1st pump ever made) 4. Marlin Model 39A lever action, .22-cal.
5. Marlin Model 39 .22-cal. hex barrel, lever action 6. Colt Lightning .32-.20 pump, oct. barrel
7. Springfield 1884 .45-.70-cal., 32" barrel w/bayonet 8. Browning Sweet Sixteen semi-auto 12-ga., St. Louis, Mo.
9. Savage Model 99 lever action .30-30 cal. 10. Win. Model 90 pump, .22-cal., short
11. Rem. Model 12, hex barrel, .22-cal. 12. Springfield Model 1884 .45-.70-cal.
13. Springfield Model 1873 .45-.70-cal. 14. Win. Model 1890 pump .22-cal., short
15. Rem. Model 541T, bull barrel, .22-cal. w/box 16. Savage Model 99E lever action, .308-cal.
17. Rem. SXS 12-ga. w/curled hammers 18. Newport Model CN 12-ga. SXS
19. Mossberg Model 151M, full wood stock, .22-cal. --


1. Colt 1st Generation .45-cal. revolver w/leather belt & holster 2. Star Elbar .22-cal. pistol
3. Savage .32-cal. pistol, 7.65-cal(?) w/leather holster 4. Smith & Wesson Model #1 revolver
5. Colt Match Target .22-cal. semi-auto. pistol w/leather holster & antique shooter's case 6. FJW .22-cal. 8-shot revolver
7. Pinfire double barrel pistol w/bayonet 8. Ellots Pepper Box
9. Sharps Pepper Box 10. Smith & Wesson Model #1, 2nd Issue, Civil War era
11. Sharps Model 1859 Pepper Box .32-cal. 12. Colt Army-Navy .38-cal. pistol
13. Colt pocket model .22-cal. pistol 14. Manhattn black powder Pepper Box
15. Chicago .32-cal. palm pistol 16. Manhattan .36-cal. cap & ball pistol
17. Allen & Thurbur, pat. 1847-1954 18. Sharp Model 1859 Pepper Box pistol
19. Rem. .22-cal. vest pocket, light color handle 20. Rem. .22-cal. vest pocket, dark handle
21. Vest pocket .22-cal. 22. Knuckle Duster .22-cal.
23. Smith & Wesson Lemon Squeezer, 1st model .32-cal. 24. U.S. Calvary Commemorative 1851 Repo 2-.44-cal. Revolver, 8" barrel w/original wood case

Rare & Special Interest Items

Life-size Grizzly Bear statue; Life-size Elk, 7x7 Bugeling statue; Sinclair 10-gal. metal gas can w/brass tag; Standard Oil measuring can, 5-gal.; Round 5-gal. oil cans: Pure Oil Co., En-Ar-Co Motor Oil; Pennsylvania Mobiline; Sinclair Opanline, Sinclair, Champion; Standard Oil Mica axle grease bucket; 1/2-gal. filler cans w/swing spout; Titan 8000-watt generator, elect. start; JD pedal tractor, no pedals, tricycle front end, 2-cylinder type; JD pedal tractor, no seat, 10 series; Liberty Lincoln 2007 gun safe, combination & key, model L-35, fireproof & insulated (new); Celebrity Pride 4-wheel handicap scooter; 2010 Can-Am Outlander 500XT 4x4 w/motor silencer, 214.3 miles, winch, windshield, cargo racks, backpacks & receiver hitch, all cameo & independent suspension (this baby is brand new & very nice!);

Browning Sterling gun safe, fireproof & insulated w/combination & key; Coca-Cola carousel horse, sanded & ready to paint; Gold miners cart for moving gold ore, w/brass tag; JD unicycle w/cast iron seat; Springwagon grease tool; Brass telescopic musket site; Shotgun primer tool; Oxen shoes; Yuma territory, Fort Smith, Alcatraz prison locks w/brass tags; Wells Fargo large lock w/key; Hand forged handcuffs & manacles, arm & leg restraints; Slave neck chain; 2 Leg irons; Slave ball & chain; Several cannon balls; Collection of shotgun shells to include Brass Win. 8-ga. Rem.; Rem. Super X; Paper; Sure Shot; Kleanbore; Federal for 410 & up; Framed high power Rifle shell collection, .22-cal. to .460; Kimel Indiana 12-ga. folding stock; Flintlock pistol, 1849, .58-cal.; 2 Eley Brothers Ltd. stump varmint guns, 1 brass, both very nice; Winchester & Remington marbles; .50-cal. Government & .45-.70 brass shells; Solid wooden wheelbarrow, pegged (very nice); Several bear traps, hand forged; Padlock collection (approx. 150 to be sold by the piece): Adlake, US Navy, Squire, Excel, reese, Dart, railroad locks, Master, Yale, Sargent & Green Leaf; Cast iron mortar & pestle; Indian relics; Several framed Indian Chief post cards; Several feigys: 1 bird bird points, bird points, Hordens, Daltons, large lot Nebo spear points; Large lot of drills; Full groove axes; Large lot misc. arrowheads; Steel points, 1 Obsidian pt.; Clay cooking pots (exc.); Scrimshaw drawing; Petrified buffalo horn; Indian jewelry; Bone needles; Indian baskets; Several Indian blankets

Salesman Sample Items

Cast iron Spark pot belly stove; 2 Cook stoves; Small sad iron; Walking plow; Wooden beam lister; JD rubber tired spoke wheel wagon w/spring seat (very nice); Wooden wheel wagon w/seat (very nice)

Hunting Knives & Pocket Knives

2 Camilus hunting knives; Western 2-blade w/sheath; Switchblade; 2 very large pocket knives w/4 blades; Frost cutlery, wood sides; Camilus 2-blade & 3-blade; U.S. Army; Case 2-blade; Case XX 2-blade w/Indian Head nickle; Queen steel 3-blade; Ridge Runner 3-blade; 2-blade Elephant; Fisherman's knife w/hook remover; 2-blade Jacques Seed; 3-blade Camilus; Case XX hunting knives; 316-S, M3F, MWTF hunting knife w/gut hook


Saturday Evening Post poster; Budweiser sign; Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward movie poster; 6-drawer credenza w/6 doors & matching walnut-toned office desk; Large lot of hand crafted items; Drop leaf table; Bowflex exerciser; Solid oak entertainment center w/recessed doors


Folks, this may be the biggest antique and collectible auction of the year. Bill and Linda have collected all their lives. Very high grade and excellent quality merchandise. Lots of rare items very hard to find. This will be a very large auction. Come spend the day with us. For more information, call the numbers below.


All items will sell to the highest bidder for cash.
Any announcements made sale day take precedence over any and all printed material.
Bill and Linda say Sell it All!




Sale Conducted by Ropp Auctions
"We Bring Top Buyers to Our Sellers!"
NORMAN ROPP ~ 660-247-1914
LARRY FOSTER ~ 660-868-1124

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